Why settle for private label rights articles being used by hundreds of other people when you can easily create your own unique articles?

Having trouble creating unique high-quality content for your web sites? Need more content but tired of spending hours and hours researching each article that you write? Well STOP that manual article research, BECAUSE ...

I'm about to show you how to...

Create High Quality Articles
on Virtually Any Subject
In Just Minutes!


Jonathan Leger

Creator Of:
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Dear Friend,

In case you are expecting a lot of fancy graphics of fake software boxes and smiling people who aren't really customers, let me tell you up front that you will not find any on this site.

Look, I'm a programmer, not a marketer or a graphic artist, so let's skip the hype and get right to the point:

You need to continually post unique, high quality content to your web sites to keep the attention of your visitors and the search engines!

The saying has been repeated time and again that "content is King." Really it's your visitor who is the king, but it's true that the only way to get more visitors is to have the kind of content that they are looking for: high quality, keyword-rich content that they can find using the major search engines.

But writing top quality content in high paying subject areas that you know little about is a difficult task. You have to decide which topic you want to write about, then research subtopics that should be covered in your article, then go out and research information on each topic and subtopic you want to cover in the article--and that's all BEFORE you actually write anything!

Does all of that sound like a lot of work?

IT USED TO BE! It USED to take HOURS AND HOURS to create top-quality niche articles. Not anymore, though, because ...

I've developed a software package that makes it INCREDIBLY EASY to create high quality articles on virtually any subject in just minutes!

Unsolicited Testimonial


With nearly 300 published and manually managed sites, I've been buying various tools for years and this is not only inventive, its functional. I am impressed! Very!! I wrote articles this morning on subjects that I had never broached before. I think that it is a phenomenal tool.

Most thankful and sincerely,

Chris Moos


Instant Article Wizard helps you create high quality articles with ease!


Click here for a video giving a basic overview of IAW 2.0.

Watch me use IAW to do research for an article in less than 8 minutes!


Create Articles Fast,
Even With Little Knowledge of the Subject

Instant Article Wizard will take a set of keywords that you provide and help you identify subtopics around which to create a top-quality article.

Once you've selected your topic and subtopics, Instant Article Wizard will do all of your research for you! You are taken step-by-step through the selection of research ideas for your introduction paragraphs, each of the subtopic paragraphs, and your concluding paragraphs.

Once you've gathered the information you want to use in the article, Instant Article Wizard will copy the full text of your selected research to the clipboard. Paste the results into your favorite word processor for adding, deleting and editing, and in just minutes you can have a top-quality article for use on your web site!

Unsolicited Testimonial

"I purchased Instant Article Wizard only a few days ago and already I have compiled 5 articles all finance related. It made the job so easy, click, select, copy and paste, a quick edit and spell check and I had another article to add to my website.

I have already earned money from the articles I wrote and am considering submitting the articles to the article directories.

Again thanks Jon for another great product. Each time I see a email from you, I get excited to see what you have to say or what product you have on offer. Great work!"

Steve Szasz


Human Reviewers Will Think You're An EXPERT

Human editors think I'm an EXPERT
on Kitchen Remodeling, Home Schooling, Home Theater and Dog Training!

Before using Instant Article Wizard, I didn't know much of anything about kitchen remodeling, home schooling, home theater systems or dog training--certainly not enough to write articles on the subjects! But after using Instant Article Wizard to create articles on those topics, I was labeled an "EXPERT" by the top article site online today--in all 4 subjects!

Here are 5 articles that Instant Article Wizard helped me create.
Each one got me labeled as an Expert by a HUMAN editor.
Each one took 15 minutes or less to write.
Each one is about a subject I previously knew nothing about.

Kitchen Remodeling

Dog Training

Home Theater Systems

Home Schooling #1

Home Schooling #2

Instant Article Wizard can make you look like an EXPERT too!

Unsolicited Testimonial

"Hi Jon,

I just wanted to take the time to let you know that the Instant Article Wizard is a wonderful tool! I've always read how article writing was very important but writing isn't my strength or passion.

Well that's all changed with your tool! I started using it at 9am this morning and its about 5 pm and I've already belted out 5-6 articles. And keep in mind that was while doing my full time job and other things in between. lol

Thanks for a great tool! I feel confident that I can bang out more articles now and thus improving my traffic & consequently my sales!"

Eddy Salomon

Support For 6 Languages

Instant Article Wizard is not limited to gathering research for only articles in the English language. If you speak (or read and write) any of the following languages, Instant Article Wizard can help you do all of the research for writing articles FAST:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Portuguese
  5. Italian
  6. German

It Works, And It Works FAST

As you can see from the above examples, Instant Article Wizard works fast to help you create top-quality content for your web site. With the ability to crank out high quality articles, many doors of opportunity open for you:

Create multiple niche web sites and continually post new content to them!
Create articles to submit to free article sites and get hundreds of back links to your web sites!
Get into the business of writing articles for other webmasters on any topic they want!

If you're serious about putting your web site business into high gear, you will download Instant Article Wizard right now and start seeing the benefits of its power on your web sites.

Unsolicited Testimonial

"Hi Jonathan

I just want to say how delighted I am with Instant Article Wizard. Certainly and probably the best supporting item of software I have bought.

Within 10 minutes, I created an article on cosmetic surgery so easily. How can anyone not write endless articles on endless topics with this superb package!

On my way to faster indexing with bundles of submittable articles.

Well done and thanks

Best regards,"

Robert Wright

System Requirements

Instant Article Wizard requires a computer running Windows 98 / ME / XP / 2000 / 2003 / Vista. The .NET Framework must be installed on your computer (it is by default on XP/2003/Vista).

What are you waiting for?

Download Your Copy of
Instant Article Wizard
for only...




NOTICE: I've had a lot of people writing in telling me that my price is too low. I'm considering raising it significantly in the near future, so you'd better get it at this ultra-low price while you can. Click here to get your copy.


Instant Article Wizard is Guaranteed To Work!
Instant Article Wizard is guaranteed to work as I say it does, helping you create quality articles faster than you can on your own, or I'll refund your purchase within 8 weeks of your purchase. It's that simple.

P.S. Instant Article Wizard helps you create top-quality articles on virtually any subject in just minutes! Isn't it worth such a small investment and a few minutes of your time to install and use to add content to your sites? You know it is! So click here to download your copy.

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