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A Guide to Natural Labor Induction

Have you been eyeballing the calendar, watching as the days pass by, your baby?s due date long ago? Are you carefully anticipating your water breaking any minute now? Still no sign of the little one yet?

Don?t worry, this is normal. In fact, 70% of all newborns arrive late. So despite what time your doctor said your unborn baby would make himself known to the world, you?ll probably have to wait at least a couple of days before you can really expect him. And only after 7 to 10 days past your baby?s due date, do doctor recommend inducing your labor. If you or your baby has special health concerns, often early madical induction or caesarian section is recommended ? but otherwise, there?s no reason to rush a pregnancy by inducing labor medically.

But if you?re in your 42nd week of pregnancy and are overwhelmed with feelings of physical discomfort and mental anguish, then here are tips for natural labor induction.

There are some basic tips that every pregnant woman can follow to initiate their labor and also make it go a lot faster. And these natural, home remedies range from adding pineapples to your diet to getting busy in the bedroom.

In order to encourage natural labor induction, you can make a few simple changes to your diet. First of all, spicy foods are known for inducing labor, curiously enough. Similarly, pineapples seem to have the same effect. Tea, including Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, can also be helpful in this area. You can also drink Castor Oil! Just mix the oil with orange juice or some other beverage and take a big gulp. You certainly won?t want to sip Caster Oil slowly though, as it is not very tasty.

Being physically active is also a key tip for natural labor induction. Excercise can induce labor and just making an effort to walk more frequently can help trigger contractions and at the very least position your unborn baby so that he can be birthed easily. Movement causes your baby to press his head down onto your cervix and get into position for labor.

Another way to be active that is a lot more fun than walking around is to engage in intercourse. Many pregnant women find this unappealing when their belly?s huge and they?re feeling uncomfortable and fatigued. However, sex is one of the common ways to induce labor. During intercourse, a woman produces the hormone oxytocin, which causes her uterus to contract. Meanwhile, a man?s semen is released and it contains a substance called prostaglandis, which softens the woman?s cervix. If you?re not up for that, nipple stimulation is also another way to induce labor ? as oxytocin is released during this as well.

Indeed, touch is very powerful. Acupuncture and massage are also enjoyable ways to induce your labor.

Other tips involve oils and herbs. Blue and black cohosh are the most popular herbs for natural labor induction and Clary Sage Oil, when mixed with lotion and rubbed onto oneself, is amazingly effective for moving things along.

Hopefully these suggestions will make you a mother sooner than later, but if your baby still insists on hanging on, don?t get nervous ans tensed. Try to sit back and relax and use a combination of these natural remedies to aid the process.








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