Success Stories

This is a special section that was put together to feature some of the success stories submitted by users of The Muscle Gain Truth No-Fail System. These are all 100% real, genuine testimonials from real-life users around the world. This is nowhere near a complete list of every testimonial we've ever received, but is simply a sample of the results that can be achieved using this program.

We hope you'll be our next success story! (You can find a form at the bottom of this page to submit your testimonial if you've already been using the program consistently)


"Your Book Is The Concrete Slab That Is
The Foundation Of My Training..."

"I am just another satisfied customer...

I know it's hard to believe... after 3 weeks, I had already put on 6.5 solid pounds...

I have just completed my second 8 week cycle and and have put on a lean 19 lbs.  

Everyone I know is amazed... I am now the one who gets watched while lifting that 350lb weight during my deadlifts.

People always comment on my massive growth rate and insist that there is no way I could have achieved it naturally. 

Just for the record, I have never touched or used any anabolic steroids.

Look, you will never understand how grateful I am for your wise words... Your book is the concrete slab that is the foundation of my training... Everyone just calls me Big Rick now. 

They all wanna know where I get my gear from. I just tell them, from

Thanks again, Sean."

Rikki Dibenedetto
sik_rik [at]


"Gave Me The Confidence... I've Now
Got A Really Hot Girlfriend..."

"My motivation to build bigger muscles was for personal protection. I realized that if I got stronger, less people bothered me. And to impress the ladies.

After I started working out I noticed that they noticed me more.  

I've noticed an overall body size change, my weight has gone up about 10 kilos, and the muscle has just added more volume to my chest...

...Allowed me to lift stuff I can't usually lift. Gave me more confidence in myself. Gave me confidence with my shirt off... I've now got a really hot girlfriend...  

Samuel Buse
apocalypso_123 [at]
Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia


"41 Years Old And In The
Best Shape Of My Life..."

"Bought your program about a month or so ago. I had been training pretty hard for a few months and read your web page and the 2?3 chapters first - that started pretty good...

But the key for me was the chapter(s) on eating - when, how and what. 

In the month or so since I got the e-book I am up about 10lbs and it's all muscle. Staying anabolic is the key. 

I am 41 years old and in the best shape of my life now?. I have decided to do an all natural show in the spring/summer 07.

For a young guy, you sure know a lot.

Jeff Schrier
Florida, USA
jeff [at]


"Your E-book Is Amazing...
...I Went From 90lbs to 250lbs..."

"...It's one of few things that impacted my life tenfold.

After I was done reading your e-book I felt like I read some sort of forbidden document because when I was done, I had so much knowledge in my head that I just wanted to put it to good use the next day. (And that was the first day I started weightlifting) I thank you for putting your time and effort into making this book, because without it I would still be skinny...

I hated being skinny and being called that, and I really wanted to put on some weight. I tried eating a ton but it didn't work and I tried a couple of other things and they didn't work either.

(Since I have an ectomorphic bodytype it's hard for me to gain weight)

Bodybuilding has done wonders for me; it has become like a hobby for me. Now I can't wait to step on the scale to see how much weight I gained over the weeks. I get compliments all the time from people about my weight gain.

...I was amazed as I looked back and saw that I went from 90lbs to 250lbs in squats in just 17 weeks, and I also saw that I went from 75lbs to 270lbs in deadlifts."

Kenny Miyasoto
xichi88 [at]
Belleville, NJ


"The Most Impressive Gains Ever...
Your Book Is A Masterpiece..."

"I had followed some other plans in the past and they didn't work...

None of the concepts or plans these other guys promote match the effectiveness of the ones you put forward.

I must say, your program offers the most impressive gains ever. People are baffled by the fact that I've made such incredible progress so quickly... a lot of them think I'm taking some kind of special drugs!

It feels great to hear people saying, ?William, you are getting bigger and bigger every time".

It's good to witness the fact that I keep growing, and the people around me just work their asses off and stay the same.

Sean, you are the best coach, and your book is a masterpiece."

William Tsang
Hong Kong
william [at]


"...A Much More Muscular
And Defined Body..."

?Hey Sean ? I've been training for about 10 years now and after reading through your material I came to realize that much of what I was doing before was a flat out waste of time.

I was stuck following the routines in the magazines and spending all of my money on supplements to try and get results.

After following your training, diet and cardio advice...

I trimmed my waist down from 34 to 31 inches and ended up with a much more muscular and defined body as a result.

I wish I had this information when I first started out, as I would have saved tons of money and effort on all of the B.S. programs that I was following at the time.

Thanks again!"

Adrian Pace
Sliema, Malta
drinupace [at]


"...I Still Think You Should Be
Charging 5 Times This Amount..."

"Before I decided to change my body, my life was average. I had an average body... an "average mentality"... and an average social life.

But since following the methods and principles you've outlined in your book, my life has completely changed!

Not only do I look and feel better, but it's as if my new jacked up body has changed who I am.

I mean I'm still me... but a better me, if that makes sense. I have so much confidence now and everyone treats me with a new respect. I'm now dating 9's and 10's as often as I feel like it.

I want to thank you for putting out such a great product for all the guys out there like me.

I still think you should be charging 5 times this amount, considering how powerful it is... but I'm glad you're not! LOL."

Dean Sipos
Victoria, BC, Canada
sipos7 [at]


"I've Gained More In 12 Weeks On Your Program Than
My Last 2 Years Of Training Combined!"

?I've been thin all my life with a naturally fast metabolism and couldn't gain an ounce of weight no matter what I tried. I was ready to give up for good right before I came across your site.

Much to my surprise, after just 12 weeks of following your workout program and diet plan I gained 14 pounds of solid body weight and my strength shot up really quickly as well. This is a bigger gain than my last 2 years of training combined. It's pretty incredible to finally see a change in my body and I can't wait to see my results after another 3 months. All of my friends and family can't believe how quickly my body has changed.

My girlfriend is loving the changes as well, so thanks a lot for your expert advice and wonderful program. Talk to you soon."

Neil N.
Arizona, United States


"You're A F*****' Genius."

"Hey Sean, I downloaded your e-book a few months ago. I have to tell you, excuse my language, but you're a f****** genius. I've never seen anybody who understands and explains muscle growth so well and so clearly. My gains have increased dramatically since using your principles. Thanks for all of your continued support."

Oscar Lizano
Georgia, USA
Holabac56 [at]


"I Have Personally Used These Techniques To
Get Into My All-Time Best Shape Ever!"

?I have been faithfully following all of Sean?s material ever since he first launched the website. He cuts right through all of the useless hype and crap that so many other sites are filled with and instead provides a detailed, highly effective muscle building system that is laid out in a simple step-by-step format.

I have personally used the techniques and strategies that Sean teaches in my own training to get in my all time best shape ever. If your goal is to become bigger, stronger, and more muscular, I would highly suggest listening to what Sean has to say!"

Lee Hayward
Competitive Natural Bodybuilder


"By Far The Single Best Workout Program 
I Have Ever Had.. Thanks For Changing My Life!"

?Hey Sean, just finished week three. I have spent a lot of money on other e-books and training programs? I love yours the best! I have to say it's by far the single best work out program I have ever had. To be 100% honest, I haven't had a good workout like this in years.

I am so happy that I bought your e-book online and will keep you updated in the coming weeks. Lifting weights is something I look forward to now.?

Chris Thomas
Minnesota, USA
brewkiss1 [at]

An Update From Chris...

"I just wanted to let you know that I?m on week 8 now and I?ve been getting noticed by my co-workers about how big I?m getting. People have been asking me, ?what is going on with your body?? And man does it feel awesome to be noticed!

Eating right and lifting the "right" way along with your feedback is enough to make this man over here happy as hell. Some of my friends who haven't seen me for a while are like, "jeez, are you taking ?roids or what?!? And every time you hear one positive comment like that, it burns the image into your head.

Thanks so much for changing my life and making lifting weights a thing I get excited about doing again."


"I've Noticed An Increase Not Only In Size, But
Definition As Well. My Wife Loves It!"

"Hey Sean. I've just finished my fourth week of training on your program and I can honestly say that it's for real. I've noticed an increase not only in size, but in definition as well, especially in my shoulders, quads & chest. My wife loves it. Sometimes she just starts laughing when I have my shirt off because she can't believe it.

I've tried several programs in the past but with minimal results. Your program is easy to understand, simple to follow, and works! Thank you for making an honest, affordable program that is the real deal. There are so many scam artists out there just looking to make a quick buck, and you are definitely not one of those. Thanks again!"

Ryan Matzen
Nebraska, United States
rlmatz [at]


"It's The Best Thing I've Ever Done!"

"I have been following your program for nearly 3 months, and I have to say it's the best thing I've ever done. I've never made progress like this before, and best of all - people around me are noticing the difference. So thank you very much! I am already recommending you to friends, and will continue to log on for the latest news. Cheers."

Paul Griffin
griffinp [at]


"More Self-Confidence Than Ever Before!"

"Sean - my name is Jared and I'm a college student from Salt Lake City. I downloaded your book last month and read it cover to cover in a single night. I just wanted to let you know that this is by far the highest quality, best written and most 'to the point' muscle building manual I've ever read, hands down. Everything you talk about makes perfect sense, and I've been implementing your techniques with great success.

Not only have I packed on about 10 pounds of lean body weight over the last couple months, but I feel better and have more self-confidence than ever before. Thank you so much for putting this book together, it has made a big difference in my life. Take care."

Jared Mitchum
Salt Lake City, Utah
j_mitchum [at]


"I'm Becoming Physically And Mentally Stronger."

"Sean, just letting you know that I?ve been doing your program now for about 3 months and I must say it has made a big difference. I?ve been doing weights for nearly 3 years now but from doing different routines I must say yours has worked best, and I am becoming both physically and mentally stronger. Keep up the good work!"

Kevin Boyes
United Kingdom
kevboyes2k3 [at]


"Gained 11 Pounds In 10 Weeks... I've Never Seen
This Type Of Progress With Any Other Program!"

"My name is Cameron and I'm from New Hampshire. I read through your book and have been following the workout plan for the last 10 weeks. I'm happy to say that I've gained 11 pounds (looks like it's almost all muscle), and I've also increased my bench press by 25 pounds, my squat by 45 pounds and my deadlift by 35 pounds. I've never seen this type of progress with any other program, so keep up the good work."

Cameron Birch
Rochester, New Hampshire


"I've Already Gained 20 Pounds... So Many
People Want To Be My Training Partner!"

"Hey Sean, my name is Jack and I'm a physiotherapy student at York SJ John in England. I got your e-book just after Christmas and read it cover to cover in a single night. Totally awesome... I've never read anything before that was so straight to the point and truthful. Cheers."

Jack Hurley
York, England
jack.hurley [at]

An Update From Jack...

"Hey Sean, I'm just writing to let you know about my progress with the program... A big thank you for putting this e-book together. I've been doing the training program for 8 weeks, and I've gained 20lbs! I'm very happy with this, and people have been complimenting me on the way I'm looking. So many people want to be my training partner. Thanks Again!"


"Just Finished Reading Your Book - Amazing!"

?Sean, Ryan from Connecticut, just finished reading your book - amazing. To think of all the money I wasted on endless magazines that were full of B.S unless you were using steroids or growth hormone. Nothing seemed "breakthrough" about it, but it was the way you applied your research into a simplistic format that made it, well, close to brilliant.

If you've trained as hard as I have over the years and suddenly then realize a great portion of that training was actually minimizing your gains you'll understand my enthusiasm!?

Ryan Murray
Connecticut, United States
southattleboro [at]


"I Absolutely LOVE Your Program. I Have Had
The Most Amazing Results In The Last
Month Of Using Your Method!"

"Hi Sean, I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE your program. You are a genius! So far I've had absolutely incredible results from your system. I have been in and out of gyms/running/aerobics for the better part of 14 years, with good results. However, I have had the most amazing results in the last month of using your method.

My chest has gone from 35 inches to 40 inches, my biceps from 12.5 inches to 13.5 inches, and a general re-shaping of my body at a profound level is taking place. I feel so strong and am able to increase by kilo's just about every week. This was done completely naturally and without the use any drugs or supplements of any kind. Thank you for this lovely gift!"



"Not Only Is Your Book Awesome But
Your Customer Service Is Equal"

?Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your book. It's easy reading but with enough scientific information to add credibility to your explanations. The presentation of the text is also excellent, especially the web references. I feel like I'm getting a personal trainer. Thanx for answering my questions so promptly. Not only is your book awesome but your customer service is equal.?

Rick Iverson
New Jersey, USA


"Gained 15 Pounds In 12 weeks!"

"Alright Sean, here's the deal. I downloaded your program on December 1st and followed the workout and diet plan exactly as you mentioned. It's now March, and after having used the program for 12 weeks, I've gained 15 solid pounds and I look and feel better than I ever have in my entire life. Thanks for answering all of my questions so promptly. Your continued support is highly appreciated! I'll keep you posted."

Craig Baker
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


"Truly Awesome That All This Information
Is Packed In Such A Low Price!"

?Sean, Thank you so much for putting together the most comprehensive set of instructional material available. After reading your book I have realized the reasons I have not succeeded and in most cases ended up with an injury, or lack of motivation.

The information spelled out in your book is amazing, informative, simple to understand and it makes sense. It is truly awesome that all this information is packed in such a low price. It must have been expensive to put the information into a format that is easy to navigate and broken down into smaller sections for better absorption, so thank you for the savings!?

Donovan L Foster
Missouri, United States
donovan.foster [at]


"I've Been Banging My Head Against
A Brick Wall Until Now!"

"Sean, all I can say is a big thank you for putting together this "Muscle-Building Bible!" I have been training for two years now and gains have been up and down to say the least. In fact, just before I purchased your
e-book I was ready to quit due to the lack of correct bodybuilding information out there.

I've been banging my head against a brick wall until now. I've read your e-book three times all the way through and will continue reading again and again... It's simply the most honest and reliable piece of information out there. All the best!"

Andrew King
United Kingdom


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