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Listen, we are not going to feed you one single ounce of bull in this letter. If you have been around Internet Marketing for any time you know the simple power of recommendation.Smart affiliates know that people buy products that come RECOMMENDED to them.

These same smart affiliates know that they hold the power when they are the ones recommending the products to their prospects.And so using this power of recommendation, smart affiliates create Niche Review sites where they compare and contrast products that their prospects are interested in.

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Hi Bobby,Thanks for the great service you are providing with Niche Review Templates. These are of a very high quality and timely right now as well. Review sites are a great way to make money online as opposed to using a regular website.

One more thing. These are perfect for both the internet marketing professional and newbie to use. This really simplifies everything and whether you know what you are doing or not we can all benefit from saving time. I love the job you have done here.Regards,

Jeff Schuman


Hey Bobby, Corky here.Just a note to thank you for the advance copy of the weight loss templates and site. Looks like you have a real winner here, congrats! I know I'll be in line on Monday.

These review style sites are becoming very popular, as well they should be. But who has time to put them together themselves with any honesty.It would take literally months to to try each and every item. Your approach of using the author's comments is a real ethical time saver for us.

Combines authority with great content. Review sites also help the consumer save money by not encouraging them to buy every last product out there.

Today, it's "Don't tell me about the labor pains, SHOW ME THE BABY!"This baby has good clean html, great style sheet, and super graphics - a webmaster's & search engine's dream. While I haven't seen the videos yet, this should be simple enough to grab a domain, edit the META Tags, install the keywords, rewrite the articles a little, publish and promote.

Couldn't ask you to do any more and at this price, your site limit should fill up quick. The time this is gonna save me is incredible! Thanks again, See ya on Monday at the opening bell!

Corky Devendorf


Top Quality.....

"I was simply blown away at the stunning graphics that these templates have. The ease of being able to just simply add a few links and upload and start making sales with just a little promotion made my head spin.

Bobby and Farihan totally outdid them selves with this!! I am eager to see what next months Niches will be.I want to say a huge THANKS for putting together a no brainer of a way to make hordes of cash online. You truly have out done yourselves this time.

I don't know of ANY other membership site out there that can produce the quality that you guys have done. Impressive does not even come close to describing this."Thanks for making my Affiliate Sales Life Much Simpler!!

Kevin Enos

Look - it is not that long ago that we struggled to make money online too. One thing changed all of that - we discovered and used the power of recommendation.

And we learned to package our recommendation well.

Here is an example of the kind of affiliate review site we created:

You probably feel like we've felt in the past - sick and tired of working your "buns" off to make nothing or even worse, losing money on something you had such high hope for.

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Niche Review Templates is a membership site that sets you up for success right from the start. When you invest in Niche Review Templates, you get:

2 complete niche review templates with CSS style sheet & custom graphics - these are automated plug n' play affiliate sites. It's like hooking up your computer to a virtual ATM! HINT - we choose from a wide variety of niches such as Internet Marketing, Health, and more..

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20 keyword-rich articles + 6 product reviews all done for you. Plugin your affiliate links and go, go, go!

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17 training videos to guide you on setup, installation and traffic generation to your niche website - no marketer left behind!

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Amazing Looking Templates By
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As you can see, everything is set up for you to quickly and easily begin creating a niche affiliate empire and start cashing cheques! For a limited time and for only $97 $47 per month, you can take advantage of these beautiful, well designed and researched affiliate niche review templates. $47 per month is an absolute steal for what you get - 2 businesses each month that you can set up and put on autopilot while you cover more important things.

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