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Platforms: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP.

System Requirements:
Pentium 90 above processor, 16 MB of RAM, 8 MB Free Space.

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  • Optimize Your PC Automatically in 2 Minutes

  • Increase Your PC Speed

  • Stabilize Your PC and Prevent most PC crashes 

You can get more speed and stability out of your computer, no matter what your PC Know-How level is.

If you are like most PC users, you may feel that your PC is slow or unstable. You can't run many applications or your PC will slowdown. Or you have to reboot frequently due to crashes or application freezes.

This page contains all the secrets to making your computer fast and stable in minutes! No computer industry insider would want you to know this, as they will have a hard time trying to persuade you to upgrade your system to the next Windows Software or expensive hardware upgrade. 

You can turn your PC into a stable, productive and speedy machine, by simply clicking a few buttons. If you can can surf to this website, you can easily tune up your PC in Minutes - and without being a PC expert!

Do you want to boost your PC speed and stability?
Or even double your Computer Performance?

If you want to stabilize and speed up your PC, here's a good chance that you'll be able to increase your PC performance by 10% -- or even by 100%, and even reduce most PC crashes! This is not hype as ...

1) WE DON'T MAKE UNDELIVERABLE PROMISES: Some people make claims that they can make your PC run like the top of the range Pentium 4 3 GHz with 512 MB RAM. In reality, no one can do that, save giving you a new system. However, PC Booster can let you make the most speed out of your present PC - without the need for additional hardware.

2) WE ARE AN ESTABLISHED COMPANY: inKline Global, Inc. has been in the computer software business for more than 9 years now. Our address does not change, nor does our email. We're not a fly-by-night company, that rips off customers. Rather, our products have won many awards industry wide for great software. Here are just some of them:

"If you're plagued by a slow system and mysterious crashes or you just want more control over your desktop, PC Booster 1.0 may be the answer", Mar 20, 2002 

"Increase your system's speed without adding new hardware.", Jan 28, 2002

3) WE MAKE TRIED AND PROVEN PRODUCTS: Thousands have used this product and our Inbox gets emails daily from satisfied customers who praise this program. Read our testimonials here.

Performance Comparison
Before and After PC Booster Optimization

PC Booster contains all the secrets to speeding up and optimizing your PC, without spending a single $ on hardware. It turbo-charges your PC to make it much more stable by preventing system inefficiencies that cause crashes, lockups and slowdowns of your computer. By running PC Booster's Auto Tune, you'll be left with a faster and more responsive system that is less prone to crashes and fatal error messages. So you have no more troubles running important programs or memory consuming multimedia or Internet applications.

Here's Exactly What PC Booster can Do For You 

Improve the performance of the following software on your PC:

    • Microsoft Windows

    • Outlook / Outlook Express

    • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more!

    • Internet Explorer / Mozilla / Firefox and AOL Browser

    • FrontPage and Dreamweaver

    • Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, DivX, Quicktime

    • Graphics Editors: Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash

Don't Spend Another Minute Struggling with 
Your PC's Slow Speed and Instability

PC Booster is designed for quick acceleration of your PC with JUST A FEW CLICKS. If you follow a few clear simple steps - You can soon say Goodbye to frequent windows freezes and restarts and Hello to faster boot ups and more productivity with a faster accelerated system. Don't you hate those hours of lost productivity when your PC was down, and you can't get a tech person to fix it ... and those blue screens and anxiety panics when you lost your Word document before you could press "SAVE"?

PC Booster gives you peace of mind, a cleaner PC system, kills nasty cookies, open those huge files quickly ... and more. 

Amazing Results But Affordable for Everyone

We could have easily sold this product for close to $79 for the whole range of features that PC Booster gives. In comparison, similar products out there in the market retail in the range of $79-$110.

But we're not going to charge you anything close to that. The truth is, when we first started out looking for a utility like that, we couldn't find anything close to it: something user friendly which also does something to improve your system; something that doesn't require at least 5 years of technical computing experience nor involves taking your hardware apart.

We want to help as many people to boost up their computer speed as we can with this product. That's why we price it so that everyone (from first time PC users to retirees and web savvy office folks) can afford to take advantage of this incredibly useful program that will speed up your system automatically with just a few clicks. 

PC Booster is the accumulation of more than 11 years worth of computing experience, and the engineering and development cost of this project is more than $248,650. It took more than two years to develop and 6 months of extensive testing. It has been tested by PC Magazine and WinBench benchmark software to give at least 10% improvement to overall PC performance.

Honestly, if you can just shave off an hour working on your PC and spend more time doing what you enjoy instead, or even delay that PC hardware upgrade, PC Booster would have already paid for itself, saving you time and hundreds of dollars. What's more, we're including ADDITIONAL bonuses for you if you try this PC improver today.


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PC Booster is now available to you at an introductory discount of $10 OFF the USUAL of $39.95. Save even more, up to 42% when you add Modem Booster for just $10! Modem Booster does for your modem what PC Booster does for your PC. NOTE: Special discount pricing is guaranteed through This offer is exclusive, as you may not get this offer again once you leave this site.


Additional BONUS REPORT: 17 Proven PC Secrets to Make Your PC Even Faster

This bonus report contains is actually our personal collection of PC tips gleaned from years of serving thousands of computer users and their PCs. These easy-to-follow tips actually give you an extra boost to your computer, even after using PC Booster. Simple enough even for  PC novices, wanting cleaner and more robust systems. FYI, this special report is only available to you, please don't contact our customers about it, as you have an unfair advantage.

Get more entertainment, with a faster machine. For the first 500 customers ONLY

If you place your order right now, we'll give away another amazing entertainment software as a bonus - FREE PureRadio (worth $19.95). PureRadio is a slick Internet radio software that lets you tune in to thousands of radio stations, right at your finger tips! Make full use of your added acceleration and enjoy more online entertainment! (*Bonus offer not valid with other purchases elsewhere except on this page.)

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Please act now, as we don't know when we will withdraw this offer. This offer is only good for a promotional period only and to a limited number of customers. If you order a month later, you may not get such a good offer, as we may have decided to raise the promotional price. 

To lock in the special offer price and bonuses, please order today. 

Simply click below to get your copy of the PC Booster software and secure these fantastic bonuses now. You'll get an instant download of the program and within 2 minutes your PC could be running faster. 

Yours Sincerely

PC Booster Development Team

PC Booster 2008
Boost Your Speed 
in 2 Minutes

(+ FREE Internet Radio Player and Bonus Report!)

Offer Price: 

List Price:$39.95
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PC Booster 2008 & Modem Booster
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"Thank you for your prompt and thoughtful response. Being an old customer of inKline Global (dating back to when you only had one product), I felt confident that your reply would be satisfactory. It is a pleasure doing business with a company that honors customer satisfaction." 
Walter Ivins, Little Egg Harbour, NJ

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